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Welcome To KRK Government Degree College
The taditional Maim "Know thyself" of scorates has motivated us to undertake the prodigious task to knwo our strength and weakness. We often take thins for granted and are vaguely satisfied. The routine work of ours leaves no scope for us for slelf analysis and for improvement. We are very much confident that an assessment of our strengths and weakness will surely help us to meet the cahllenging tasks of our time an rapidly changing scenario in Higher Education. Keeping this noble aim in mind, we at K.R.K. Government Degree COllege, Addanki have applied for ourselves with commitment and dedication to this daughing yet noble task.

The insitution was started in 1984 by the enthuasiastic and philanthropists of the village.

To implement the following quotation of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation in its true letter and spirit, the college was established:

" If we want to impart education best suited to the needs of the villagers, we should take the Vidyapith to the villages."

The mission is emancipation og backwardness, provery and mental constraints of local youth by providing higher education, life skills and personality development.
Women Empowerment
The concept of womens empowerment is the outcome of several important critiques and debates generated by the womens movements throughout the world since the eighties and particularly by the third world feminists. >>more
Jawahar Knowledge Center
For the first time, the Commissionerate of Collegiate Education, Andhra Pradesh , started Jawahar Knowledge Centers across the State of Andhra Pradesh at Government Degree Colleges. >>more
Placement Activities
With JKC Training Centre, the college has started giving training to students in employability skills and global set skills.
Ward Councilling
One of the revolutions in the present educational system is counseling. Though this was a continuous process in our ancient Gurukula System of education >>more